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EMED Technologies Corporation AccuFlo™ 92″ Administration Sets with Drip Chamber


  • Adjustable flow rates from 21-250 ml/hr
  • Built in 15-micron particle filter
  • 20 d/ml spike drip chamber
  • Non-DEHP and Latex-free
  • Fitted injection ports available
  • Needle-free access port available
  • Easy-to-read dial scale


  • Requires less monitoring time
  • Stable fluid delivery
  • Enhanced flow rate control
  • Easily accommodates therapeutic needs
  • May replace infusion pump for some therapies
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
EMED-FLO-100 92″ Administration Set with Injection Site Box/50 Each
EMED-FLO-120 92″ Administration Set with Needle-Free Injection Site Box/50 Each