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EMED Technologies Corporation SCIg60 Syringe Pump

Catalogue Number: EMED-FP-0010002

The quality of the therapy delivered by a specific infusion device depends on how well the device is able to satisfy clinician and patient demands while complying with prescription requirements. With important input from clinicians, EMED has developed the SCIg60 Infusion System: an innovative mechanical pump that represents a cost-effective alternative to expensive electronic pumps. It is ideal for ambulatory and hospital use and offers enhanced simplicity over other available infusion pump systems.


  • Portable, lightweight and quiet
  • Mechanically powered, non-electric, no batteries
  • Designed for use with EMED flow control accessories



  • Offers infusion control and accuracy without the cost of an electronic pump
  • Compatible EMED flow control accessories provide flexibility to satisfy wide range of clinical or patient needs
  • Flow rate information is available for specific applications




Unit Measurement: Each