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Teleflex Medical Rusch® Gold Silicone Coated Latex 2-Way Foley Catheters with 30 cc Balloon

  • The Rusch Gold Silicone Coated Latex 2 Way Foley Catheter has 2 opposed eyes, a 30 cc balloon, and is 40 cm (16″) length
  • It is sterile for single use and colour coded
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
RUSCH180730-12 12 FR, White Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-14 14 FR, Black Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-16 16 FR, Yellow Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-22 22 FR, Black Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-24 24 FR, Blue Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-26 26 FR, White Box/10 Each
RUSCH180730-28 28 FR, White Box/10 Each