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Teleflex Medical 2-Way 100% Silicone Foley Catheters with Coudé Tip

  • This is a 100% Silicone, 2 way foley with one eye and a 5 cc balloon
  • It is 40 cm (16″) long and is colour coded
  • Sterile for single use
  • Latex foley catheters are generally accepted but latex is known to have some disadvantages that relate to local toxicity and occasional allergic reactions
  • Silicone foley catheters are widely accepted as having better biocompatibility characteristics and lower encrustation and blockage rates
  • The premium quality Rusch 100% silicone foley catheters offer all the benefits of silicone and offer direct and indirect savings.
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
RUSCH171305-14 14 FR Box/5 Each
RUSCH171305-16 16 FR Box/5 Each
RUSCH171305-18 18 FR Box/5 Each