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Mölnlycke Tubifast® with 2-Way Stretch Bandage

  • Tubifast® 2-Way Stretch holds dressings securely, without constriction or compression.
  • Its radial and longitudinal stretch allows patients complete freedom of movement.
  • A variety of lengths are available, ensuring cost-effectiveness by minimizing waste.
  • Quick and easy to use: simply cut to size and ease gently into place over the dressing for an even, non-constrictive fit.
  • Available in a range of quick reference, colour-coded sizes to fit everything from small limbs to adult trunks.

Fiber Content: Viscose, Elastane and Polyamide

Catalogue Number  Product Description & Size Unit Measurement
SANC2434 Red Line, Small Limbs, 3.5 cm x 10 m Each
SANC2436 Green Line, Small & Medium Limbs,
5 cm x 10 m
SANC2438 Blue Line, Large Limbs, 7.5 cm x 10 m Each
SANC2440 Yellow Line, Extra-Large Limbs, Heads, Children’s Trunks, 10.75 cm x 10 m Each
SANC2444 Purple Line, Adult Trunks, 20 cm x 10 m Each