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FRA FLEXIGRIP Compressive Elastic Tubular Bandage

FLEXIGRIP is made up of high quality textile fibres which assure a maximum tolerability and allows a suitable grade of pressure for each part of the body. Easy to use, the possibility to cut without causing fraying, washable, and reusable, makes FLEXIGRIP an ideal and versatile bandage.

FLEXIGRIP is recommended for securing medications or as protection for accidental or operation cuts, burns, abrasions, etc. FLEXIGRIP is also useful for bandaging in case of contusions, light sprains and post-plaster casting because it offers a practical support.

Catalogue Number Size and Description Unit Measurement
FRAA 3.75cm – 10M – Wrist, Babies’ Ankle Box/Each
FRAB 6.25cm – 10M – Small Hand, Foot, Arm Box/Each
FRAC 6.75cm – 10M – Hand, Foot, Arm Box/Each
FRAD 7.5cm – 10M – Large Arm, Elbow Box/Each
FRAE 8.5cm – 10M – Knee, Wrist, Ankle Box/Each
FRAF 10cm – 10M – Large Knee, Thigh Box/Each
FRAG 12cm – 10M – Large Thigh Box/Each
FRAH 15cm – 10M – Extra Large Thigh Box/Each
FRAJ 17.5cm – 10M – Small Body Box/Each
FRAK 21.5cm – 10M – Medium Body Box/Each
FRAL 32.5cm – 10M – Large Body Box/Each