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Mölnlycke Mepilex® Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

Mepilex® Border Sacrum is a self-adherent foam dressing with advanced fluid handling capabilities, dynamic permeability and all the advantages of Safetac® soft silicone technology. It adheres gently to surrounding skin but doesn’t adhere to moist wound tissue, thereby minimizing trauma to the wound and peri-wound area and pain to the patient. It is water proof, viral proof and bacterial proof with a multilayered wound pad construction designed to promote optimal moisture balance and fluid uptake.

  • The soft silicone layer moulds to the uneven surface of the skin, thus creating micro-adherence for secure fixation over a large contact area
  • Minimizes leakage and maceration
  • Enhanced fluid handling capabilities
  • Secure and gentle fixation
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Minimizes trauma, pain and skin stripping
  • Packaged sterile in single packs.
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
SANC282000 18 cm x 18 cm Case/5 Box, Box/8 Pcs
SANC282400 23 cm x 23 cm Case/5 Box, Box/5 Pcs