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Innovatek Medical Inc. Smart-Read™ BI

Catalogue Number: INNOVA4140-SEZS/5

Biological Indicator Monitoring System

  • Allows release of sterile product with true biological confirmation faster and easier than ever before
  • Real biological indicator (BI) growth measured
  • No added enzyme or chemical integrator
  • Incubated, evaluated, and documented in one simple, automated operation
  • Relying only upon bacterial spore growth, the Smart-Well® system can detect sterilization failure in as few as three to five hours, and confirm sterilization in only ten hours
  • Self-contained biological indicator specially designed for rapid evaluation in our advanced Smart-Well® incubator
  • Based on familiar, proven technology, the Smart-Well® system can be implemented by any organization with minimal training and validation

Smart-Read System Features

  • Fast biological Results
  • True biological system
  • Automatic documentation
  • Easy one step evaluation
  • Alarm on sterilization feature
  • 100% Verifiable results
  • No enzyme pretest
  • No false negatives

Smart-ReadTM BI

  • Self-contained-color change biological indicator (BI) specifically designed for rapid evaluation in the Smart-Well® incubator.
  • Require no special processing and can be used in place of any existing self-contained BI.
  • Contain spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus for all steam sterilization validation

Process: Steam

Population: 105

Unit Measurement: Box/100 Each