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Halyard MIC-KEY* J Feeding Tube, 14 FR

The MIC-KEY* J Feeding Tube is indicated for patients requiring jejunal feeding only, but who want an inconspicuous external segment. With an external bolster designed like the widely prescribed MIC-KEY* gastrostomy tube.

  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • Low-profile design
  • Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon
  • Distal tip recessed at 5 mL
  • Proximal anti-reflux valve
  • SECUR-LOK* extension set connector mechanism
  • Trimmable distal tip
  • Radiopaque stripe
  • Wide variety of extension sets available

Balloon Size: 5 mL

Catalogue Number Stoma Length Unit Measurement
MIC230141.0 1.0 cm Each
MIC230141.2 1.2 cm Each
MIC230141.5 1.5 cm Each
MIC230141.7 1.7 cm Each
MIC230142.0 2.0 cm Each
MIC230142.3 2.3 cm Each
MIC230142.5 2.5 cm Each
MIC230142.7 2.7 cm Each
MIC230143.0 3.0 cm Each
MIC230143.5 3.5 cm Each
MIC230144.0 4.0 cm Each
MIC230144.5 4.5 cm Each