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EMED Technologies Corporation VersaRate® Plus Adjustable Flow Rate Infusion Set

Catalogue Number: EMED-FP-0010026


  • Compatible with gravity infusion sets, mechanical and elastomeric infusion pumps
  • A range of twelve flow rate position settings
  • Ergonomic design makes it easier for patient to see the numbers on the dial and turn with ease
  • Flow stability in a given position
  • Off position to stop flow immediately, if needed
  • Low residual volume
  • Includes dedicated flow rate calculator at


  • VersaRate® Plus controller is adjustable when dynamic conditions require changes in therapy
  • Cost effective by eliminating additional surplus of rate control sets
  • More control and less force to prime than when using other rate control sets for some therapies


  • VersaRate® Plus can be used to improve functionality of non-electronic infusion pumps
  • When used in conjunction with mechanical and elastomeric devices VersaRate® Plus may replace rate control sets
  • VersaRate® Plus enhances therapy adjustability in home and clinical settings with easy priming.
  • The VersaRate® Plus dial is calibrated to correlate with flow rate data for specific pharmaceutical products
  • Flow rate charts are available for specific applications

Unit Measurement: Box/25 Each