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EMED Technologies Corporation 36″ SCIg Safety Set, Bi-Furcated Needle with Two Site Dressings, 6 mm Needle Length

Catalogue Number: EMED-SAF-Q-206-G27


  • Configuration: Bi-furcated lumen
  • Tubing: Proprietary ultra-flexible Polyethylene tubing to reduce chemical interchange with the infused pharmaceutical.
  • Needle: 24 G & 27 G to minimize discomfort during insertion. Available in 6 mm to minimize patient trauma; or 9, 12 & 14 mm for patients with thicker skin.
  • Needle bevel: triple bevel design to minimize insertion pain.
  • Needle Contour: Optimized curvature to ensure maximum flow through the needle is key to avoid occlusion when infusing viscous pharmaceuticals.
  • Wing: Translucent wing facilitates insertion and provides stability for long-term use.
  • Soft-Glide™ proprietary needle coating.


  • Site Dressing: Hypoallergenic dressings are included with each needle site for ease of placement.
  • Low Priming Volume: Reduces immunoglobulin costs and conserves a tight supply.
  • One sterile package: Eliminates the need to assemble multiple pieces of tubing, adapters and needles, resulting in a decrease of potential contaminations.
  • Special Accessories: Ensure compatibility with all major ambulatory infusion pumps. Special connectors, accessories or design adaptations are available for specific infusion pumps.
  • Patients: The sets have been designed for pediatric as well as adult patients.
  • Coating technology and needle design work together to minimize needle discomfort and anxiety.


  • 36″ Tubing
  • 27 Gauge
  • 6 mm Needle Length

Unit Measurement: Box/10 Each