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Covidien Spacemaker™ Structural Balloon Trocar

Catalogue Number: KENDOMST10SB

The Spacemaker™ Structural Balloon Trocar consists of a blunt obturator connected to a handle and a valve body assembly. The valve body assembly contains an internal flapper valve and seal to prevent gas leakage when instruments are inserted or withdrawn. The Spacemaker™ Structural Balloon Trocar includes built-in converters to allow insertion of instruments of different diameters than the main seal. In addition, the device has an external one-way valve for gas insufflation.

To minimize leakage and secure the trocar, the distal end of the sleeve as a balloon which is complemented by the proximal foam sponge/collar assembly. A syringe is provided for inflation/deflation of the balloon.

  • When the tissue is captured between the foam collar and the balloon, undesired deflation of the operative space is minimized
  • The built in converters allow the use of different size surgical instruments through the port while the insufflation pressure is maintained
  • The balloon shape allows the tissue to be retracted to facilitiate visualization

Size: 10 mm

Unit Measurement: Box/5 Each

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