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Covidien Salem Sump™ Dual Lumen Stomach Tubes with Anti-Reflux Valve

Catalogue Number: SHER8888266122

The Salem Sump™ tube with pre-attached Anti-Reflux Valve combination unit gives the clinician the quickest and most convenient access to the best NG tube on the market. This tube combines the best of both worlds, the name brand Salem Sump™ tube with the anti-reflux valve. This tube can be used for stomach suction, decompression, irrigation and delivery of medication. The anti-reflux valve reduces the risk of exposure to gastric contents.

  • Prevents gastric fluid from exiting the NG tube via the vent lumen. This prevents unnecessary patient gown and bedding changes and reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious materials
  • Prevents damage to stomach tissue when suction is applied
  • Allows for easy identification of tube and tip location via X-ray
  • Allows for quick and easy attachment to suction tubing
  • Easy tube maintenance
  • Closes system for periods of non use or transportation of patient
  • Sterile

Size: 14 FR/CH (4.7 mm) x 48″ (122 cm)

Unit Measurement: Case/50 Each