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Covidien Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP Interface with Shallow DreamSeal™ Mask

Catalogue Number: KENDY-103074-00A

The Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP interface offers a unique over-the-head design that allows patients to sleep in virtually any position. With seven sizes of nasal pillows for each nare and multiple size and adjustment options, the Breeze SleepGear™ interface offers a great fit for all patients. Furthermore, it is simple to switch to the nasal mask when desired.

  • Breeze Nasal Pillows can be independently rotated for a better fit
  • Breeze SleepGear™ interface can be used with the DreamSeal™ mask
  • Multiple adjustment points and sizes ensure a comfortable fit
  • Over-the-head design allows for sleep in virtually any position
  • Nothing touches the face except the Nasal Pillows
  • Minimal straps and few parts
  • Integrated one-piece design contours the head for easy fitting
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Enhanced overall sleep comfort using the Breeze SleepGear™ interface

Unit Measurement: Each