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Coloplast Assura® Two-Piece Skin Barrier with Flange, Pre-Cut & Non-Convex

Catalogue Number: COLOPL12842

Assura® 2-piece closed pouch is a mechanical coupling with extra reassurance.

  • The pouch is fixed securely to the baseplate with a mechanical coupling system. An audible ‘click’ confirms the secure locking of the pouch to the baseplate.
  • Before the pouch is locked into position, it can be rotated into the desired position, without having to remove the pouch from the baseplate.
  • The pouch can be removed from the spiral adhesive baseplate, allowing the pouch to be changed more often than the adhesive baseplate.

With belt loops.

Non-Convex – Flat

Coupling Size: 40 mm (1 9/16″) – Green

Stoma Size: 25 mm (1″)

Unit Measurement: Box/5 Each