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BD Insyte™ Peripheral IV Catheters With Wings

BD Insyte-N™ IV Catheters are recommended for access to small or compromised veins. The broad line of BD Angiocath™ IV catheters features inner FEP polymer material with high lubricity for easy insertion.

Catalogue Number Gauge Length Colour
BD381312 24G (0.7mm) 19mm (0.75″) Yellow
BD381323 22G (0.9mm) 25mm (1″) Blue
BD381333 20G (1.1mm) 25mm (1″) Pink
BD381334 20G (1.1mm) 30mm (1.16″) Pink
BD381337 20G (1.1mm) 48mm (1.88″) Pink
BD381344 18G (1.3mm) 30mm (1.16″) Green
BD381347 18G (1.3mm) 48mm (1.88″) Green
BD381354 16G (1.7mm) 30mm (1.16″) Gray
BD381357 16G (1.7mm) 45mm (1.77″) Gray

Unit Measurement: 50/Box, 200/Case