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Apollo Corporation Turbo Clean™ Pre-Disinfectant Chelating Detergent

Apollo’s Turbo Clean™ Pre-Disinfectant Detergent removes bacteria laden gross soils and occlusive barriers on all whirlpool tub surfaces. It’s so effective it meets every quaternary disinfectant’s requirements of pre-cleaning heavily soiled surfaces before chemical disinfecting. Turbo Clean™ Pre-Disinfectant Detergent is completely compatible with Apollo’s Remedy® Ultra Violet Water Purification System.

  • Ready to use without dilution on all walls, floors, bathrooms, tubs, showers and equipment
  • Removes gross soils and occlusive barriers, dislodges scum
  • Minimizes chemical disinfection when used with UV disinfecting systems, compatible with Remedy UV Disinfection System
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
APOLLO3555 ½ gal. Case/4 Each
APOLLO3560 1 gal. Case/4 Each