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Twin Caps for Instrument Protection

Protect instruments while keeping them in an open position for cleaning. Perfect for scissors and forceps. Vented. Radiopaque. Single use. Not made with natural rubber latex. Sterilizable. 50 caps per package.

19.1mm(0.75in) Length

Catalogue Number Colour Width Length
BOW3-06-01 White tint 1.6mm(0.062in) 19.1mm(0.75in)
BOW3-06-02 Blue tint 2.0mm(0.078in) 19.1mm(0.75in)
BOW3-06-03 Green tint 2.8mm(0.109in) 19.1mm(0.75in)
BOW3-06-04 Red tint 3.2mm(0.125in) 25.4mm(1.0in)
BOW3-06-05 Yellow tint 4.7mm(0.187in) 25.4mm(1.0in)
BOW3-06-07 Orange tint 9.5mm(0.375in) 25.4mm(1.0in)

Unit Measurement: 50/Pack