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TENA® Protective Underwear Plus Absorbency

  • Soft, cloth-like material feels as comfortable as underwear
  • Gentle waist elastic allows pants to pull on and off just like underwear. No buttons or belts
  • Leg Cuffs ensure a comfortable, body-close fit
  • Tear away sides for easy, convenient removal
  • Standing gathers for effective leakage protection provide wearer security and comfort
  • Sizing letters for correct product selection and application. To fit properly, sizing letters must face the back
  • Three sizes to ensure proper fit and comfort
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
PROM72632 Medium: 34”-44” (86-112 cm) 4 Pkgs of 20 Pcs/Case
PROM72633 Large: 45”-58” (114-147 cm) 4 Pkgs of 18 Pcs/Case
PROM72634 Extra Large: 55”-66” (140-168 cm) 4 Pkgs of 14 Pcs/Case