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Teleflex Medical Simplastic 3 Way Catheter with Couvelaire Tip

  • The Soft Simplastic 3 Way Catheter with Couvelaire tip has a 30cc balloon, and is 40 cm (16″) long
  • It is sterile for single use and colour coded
  • The Simplastic catheter is specifically designed for treating patients with clots, debris and mucous
  • The catheter has a large drainage eye, and walls which will not collapse under aspiration
  • When compared with the best latex catheter, Simplastic has TWICE the drainage lumen area
  • The large drainage eye allows easy removal of clots, debris and mucous, plus has two additional drainage eyes
  • It has twice the drainage lumen area and twice the continuous irrigation flow rate (3 ways)
  • The strong, soft Simplastic construction will not collapse under aspiration and is biocompatible
  • The thermoplastic shaft softens after patient insertion for comfort
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
RUSCH570618 18 FR, Red Box/10 Each
RUSCH570620 20 FR, Yellow Box/10 Each
RUSCH570622 22 FR, Purple Box/10 Each
RUSCH570624 24 FR, Blue Box/10 Each