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Teleflex Medical Rusch Pure/Gold™ PTFE Coated Latex Coudé Tip Catheters

  • Rusch pure Gold PTFE Coated Latex 2 way has 1 eye, and a Coudé/Tiemann Tip
  • It has a 5 cc balloon, is 40 cm (16″) long and colour coded
  • It is sterile for single use
  • When you want a standard latex foley catheter, Rusch pureGOLD is the answer
  • They are gold in colour for Rusch brand identity and offer a standard PTFE (Teflon type) coating
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
RUSCH318112 12 FR, White Box/10 Each
RUSCH318114 14 FR, Green Box/10 Each
RUSCH318116 16 FR, Yellow Box/10 Each
RUSCH318118 18 FR, Red Box/10 Each
RUSCH318120 20 FR, Yellow Box/10 Each
RUSCH318122 22 FR, Purple Box/10 Each