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Smith and Nephew OPSITE◊ FLEXIGRID◊ Transparent Film Dressing

OPSITE FLEXIGRID is a moisture vapor permeable transparent film dressing indicated to dress superficial pressure sores, minor burns, scalds, abrasions and lacerations, post-operative wounds, skin grafts, donor sites, and leg ulcers in the final stage of healing and to protect the skin around stoma and under leg bags and from friction and external contamination (prophylaxis against pressure sores). It is also indicated to provide catheter fixation, to retain primary dressings (e.g. INTRASITE™ Gel or ALLEVYN™ Cavity) and to relieve pain in painful diabetic neuropathy. Latex Free.

Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
SMTH4628 6 cm x 7 cm Box/100 Each
SMTH4630 10 cm x 12 cm Box/50 Each
SMTH4631 15 cm x 20 cm Box/10 Each
SMTH4632 12 cm x 25 cm Box/20 Each