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Smith and Nephew JELONET◊ Dressing

JELONET is a paraffin gauze dressing indicated to dress minor burns and scalds, donor and recipient graft sites, skin loss wounds, lacerations and abrasions, as well as chronic wounds such as leg ulcers or pressure sores. Latex Free.

Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
SMTH7403 5 cm x 5 cm Box/50 Each
SMTH7404 10 cm x 10 cm Case/12 Boxes/10 Each
SMTH7409 10 cm x 10 cm Case/9 Boxes/100 Each
SMTH7459 10 cm x 40 cm Case/6 Boxes/10 Each
SMTH66007477 10 cm x 7 m Case/6 Boxes/Each
SMTH66007479 10 cm x 10 cm Case/6 Boxes/10 Each