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Smith and Nephew EXU-DRY◊ Anti-Shear Wound Dressing

EXU-DRY is a specialty absorptive, anti-shear wound dressing indicated in the management of superficial to full thickness wounds including ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic), pressure sores, donor sites, surgical incisions and excisions, skin grafts, bio-engineered skin substitutes, burns, draining wounds, moist skin desquamation, fungating neoplasms, chemotherapy extravasation, Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphoedema, graft versus host disease, dermatological wounds, and skin sloughing disorders. Latex Free.

Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
SMTH5999004120 10 cm x 15 cm Box/10 Each
SMTH5999006 15 cm x 23 cm Box/12 Each
SMTH5999009 23 cm x 38 cm Case/30 Each
SSMTH5999018 38 cm x 46 cm Case/30 Each
MTH5999024 38 cm x 61 cm Case/30 Each
SMTH5999L72 91 cm x 83 cm Case/15 Each
SMTH5999LPA Arm Dressing Case/20 Each
SMTH5999LPL Leg Dressing Case/20 Each
SMTH5999LV1 Large Burn Vest Case/20 Each