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RestoreTRIO Absorbent Adhesive Dressing with TRIACT Technology

Restore Trio Dressing combines the Duo dressing with an adhesive layer that eliminates the need for a secondary dressing to hold it in place. Helps minimize damage to newly formed surrounding skin. The absorbent pad provides optimal drainage for small quantities of exudate, protecting the periwound skin from maceration. Flexible, comfortable and conformable for use on a variety of wound types and body contours.

  • Allows for conformability and contact with the wound bed
  • Allows virtually pain-free removal and minimizes damage to newly formed tissue
  • Helps avoid maceration and allows exudate to pass through into outer absorbent layers
  • Helps reduce the frequency of dressing changes
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
HOLL509372 75mm x 75mm (3″ X 3″) 10/Box
HOLL509373 100mm x 125mm (4″ X 5″) 10/Box
HOLL509374 150mm x 200mm (6″ X 8″) 10/Box