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Remington Medical WR Paraffin Wax Refill

See, Smell, & Feel the difference! Aromatherapy paraffin renews the body & spirit. Experience the most luxurious paraffin available.

Therabath Refill Paraffin’s crystal clear purity, feel its silky softness, and smell its delicate scent. Just a few dips result in a thick and pliable paraffin glove that warms and relaxes, making pain and dry skin a distant memory. Though best appreciated in a Therabath professional Paraffin Bath.

Therabath Refill Paraffin can be used in any paraffin bath.

Therabath Refill Paraffin is:

  • FDA food grade
  • Triple filtered for purity
  • Crystal clear
  • Soft, pliable, and non-greasy
  • Packed in easy open bags of paraffin beads with scents that are featured below or try our standard scent free wax for hospital use.
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
REMWR-0101 6 lbs. Scentfree, Contains no Dyes or Fragrance Box/Each
REMWR-0151 24 lbs. Scentfree, Contains no Dyes or
REMWR-0122 6 lbs. Cucumber Melon with Thyme Fragrance Box/Each
REMWR-0140 6 lbs. Fresh Rain Fragrance- Aloe, Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil Box/Each