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Remington Medical Thera-Band® Dispenser Packs

  • The system features single colour resistance band dispensers with 15 or 30 individually wrapped 5-foot bands, each with its own bar code, and safety instructions.
  • Each band insert, written in English, French and Spanish, refers patients to for free, printable exercises for all applications.
  • Dispenser packs are available in the universally recognized Thera-Band® and colours of yellow, red, and green.
  • Helps limit cross-contamination between sick patients who otherwise would be sharing their bands.
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
REMTH-20520 Yellow, Thin, 30 x 5′ Pack/30 Each
REMTH-20530 Red, Medium, 15 x 5′ Pack/30 Each
REMTH-20540 Green, Heavy, 15 x 5′ Pack/30 Each