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Mölnlycke Tubigrip® Multi-Purpose Tubular Bandage

Tube-shaped Tubigrip™ provides lasting, effective support with complete freedom of movement, distributing pressure evenly over the surface. Use Tubigrip for treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, general edema, post- burn scarring and ribcage injuries. Tubigrip can also be used for pressure dressings.. Featured in a full range of sizes, Tubigrip is easy to apply and re-apply, as it requires no pins or tape. It is also washable and reusable.

  • Covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface.
  • Fitting is quick and easy.
  • Tubigrip® reduces wastage, as only the exact amount required is cut from the roll.
  • Apply with a 2–3 cm overlap.
  • If applied as a double layer to the appropriate limb size, Tubigrip® will exert 10-15 mm Hg to the limb.
  • Contains Natural Rubber Latex 

Unit Measurement: Each

Catalogue Number Size  Usage Limb Size
SANC1436 B Small hands and arms 13-16 cm
SANC1443 C Medium arms, small ankles 16-20 cm
SANC1437 D Large arms, medium ankles, small knees 20-24 cm
SANC1434 E Large ankles, medium knees, small thighs 24-28 cm
SANC1438 F Large knees, medium thighs 28-36 cm
SANC1439 G Large thighs 36-46 cm
SANC1440 J Small Trunks 46-60 cm