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Mölnlycke Mepore® Self-Adhesive Surgical Dressing

Mepore® is an air permeable, self-adhesive and absorbent dressing designed especially for surgical wounds.

  • Gentle skin-friendly, water-based adhesive
  • Absorbent, non-adherent wound pad keeps wound clean, reduces the risk of wound contamination, minimizes the risk of adherence to the wound and reduces dressing change frequency
  • Flexible, fluid-repellent backing
  • Air permeable to prevent maceration and promote comfort
  • Radioparent; can remain in place during x-ray
  • Packaged in either
    • Sterile in single packs
    • Non-Sterile in 5 metre rolls
Catalogue Number  Description Unit Measurement
SANC670800 Sterile, 6 cm x 7 cm Case/8 Box, Box/60 Pcs
SANC670900 Sterile, 9 cm x 10 cm Case/8 Box, Box/50 Pcs
SANC671000 Sterile, 9 cm x 15 cm Case/8 Box, Box/50 Pcs
SANC671100 Sterile, 9 cm x 20 cm Case/6 Box, Box/30 Pcs
SANC671200-17 Sterile, 9 cm x 25 cm Case/7 Box, Box/30 Pcs
SANC671300 Sterile, 9 cm x 30 cm Case/9 Box, Box/30 Pcs
SANC331900 Non-Sterile, 4 cm x 5 m Case/24 Box
SANC332000 Non-Sterile, 7 cm x 5 m Case/18 Box