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Mölnlycke GlucanPro® 3000 Cream

GlucanPro® 3000 creates an occlusive barrier which retains moisture and minimizes heat loss. The consistency of the product provides coverage that remains in place, making it effective for hard to cover areas. GlucanPro® 3000 is indicated for partial thickness burns, skin resurfacing procedures and skin irritation, such as abrasions and superficial burns.

  • GlucanPro® 3000 creates an occlusive barrier that retains moisture
  • Minimizes heat loss
  • Decreases pain by providing a cover for sensory nerve terminals
  • Ideal for hard to cover areas
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
SANC131140-01 99 g Tube Case/6 Each
SANC131150-01 510 g Tube Case/4 Each