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Micro Mesh Trays with Lid

Designed to contain various instruments with smaller parts that are difficult to keep track of during washing, sterilization, transportation and storage. Available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate small items only or allow you to keep larger items that have smaller accompanying parts together in one tray. Mesh structure alleviates concerns for sterilant penetration during sterilization. Micro mesh size is approximately 2mm x 2mm.

Catalogue Number Dimensions
BOWMT-5500 40mm(1.57″) L x 40mm(1.57″) W x 20mm(.79″) H
BOWMT-5600 80mm(3.15″) L x 40mm(1.57″) W x 20mm(.79″) H
BOWMT-5650 160mm(6.3″) L x 40mm(1.57″) W x 20mm(.79″) H
BOWMT-5700 70mm(2.75″) L x 70mm(2.75″) W x 30mm(1.18″) H
BOWMT-5800 80mm(3.15″) L x 80mm(3.15″) W x 40mm(1.57″) H
BOWMT-5900 90mm(3.54″) L x 90mm(3.54″) W x 50mm(1.97″) H
BOWMT-6020 180mm(7.09″) L x 130mm(5.12″) W x 20mm(.79″) H
BOWMT-7100 225mm(8.89″) L x 110mm(4.33″) W x 50mm(1.97″) H
BOWMT-7200 270mm(10.63″) L x 135mm(5.31″) W x 40mm(1.57″) H
BOWMT-7300 400mm(15.75″) L x 250mm(9.84″) W x 50mm(1.97″) H