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Intensive Therapeutics HeelZup™ Reusable With PopliZone™ Thigh Support

  • Elevates the heels while supporting the leg from the thigh to the ankle.
  • Eliminates pressure on the Popliteal Fossa.
  • Raised side bolsters prevent legs from falling off of the sides of the cushion.
  • Stays neatly in place and does not require constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • Coated nylon cover with moisture proof reduces friction and shear, while the No-Slip bottom material helps the cushion to stay neatly in place. No need for constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • The PopliZone™ Thigh Support can be retrofitted to previously purchased HeelZup® cushions that are not equipped with the PopliZone™ Thigh Support.
  • Hinged seam between the PopliZone™ Thigh Support and HeelZup® Cushion allows the entire system to articulate.
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
INT-TSH13RPS PetiteSoft™: 13″ Depth Each
INT-TSH14R Standard Size: 14″ Depth Each
INT-TSH15R Regular: 15″ Depth Each