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Intensive Therapeutics HeelZup® Cloud Reusable

  • Suspends the heels a minimum of one inch off of the surface, while supporting the entire elevated area of the legs on a plush bed of poly-fiber and viscoelastic foam.
  • Provides a high degree of comfort in both the supine and 30‐degree side lying positions.
  • Stays neatly in place and does not require constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • No‐Slip bottom material helps the cushion to stay neatly in place. No need for constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • Manufactured of high‐density, anti‐microbial, hypo‐allergenic VE foam and latex‐free materials and thermobonded polyester fiber
  • The standard width is 30”
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
INT-CLOUD-XSR Extra Small Each
INT-CLOUD-MR Medium Each