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Infinity® Orange Small Volume Enteral Feeding Pump

Catalogue Number: MOOG-INFORNG

The First Enteral-Only Feeding System Optimized for Small Volume Feeding

The Infinity® Orange is a simple to use enteral-only feeding system that provides highly accurate small volume feedings as well as improved patient safety by reducing programming errors and eliminating the possibility of misconnections.

Accurate: Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation.

Safe: An enteral-only feeding system designed to prevent accidental feeding into an IV line or injection of IV medication into a feeding tube. Orange striped delivery sets distinguish it from other types of tubing, and the delivery set can only be inserted into an enteral feeding adapter.

Rugged: Designed to perform consistently well under a wide variety of conditions. Does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance and can be cleaned by simply rinsing under running water.

Easy to Use: Extremely easy to operate and program, allowing the caregiver the ability to focus on other areas of care.

Unit Measurement: Each