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FRA SURGIFIX® Tubular Elastic Net Bandage

Elastic tubular netting for the application of gauzes and medications.

SURGIFIX® has perfected the functionality of its packaging to guarantee to whoever carries out the medication maximum practicality and time saving. Better removal of the elastic netting due to an innovative packaging system and a new type of opening. Better storage, the boxes, varying only in width, allow space saving. The special zigzag layering of the net in the box, maintains a constant elasticity of the product, which guarantees an excellent performance of SURGIFIX® for a long time.

Please refer to the below size chart for the proper product:
SURGIFIX® Size Chart

Size: 25 m Roll

Catalogue Number Unit Measurement
FRA0 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA1 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA2 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA3 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA4 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA5 Case/68 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA5.5 Case/52 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA6 Case/44 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA7 Case/32 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA8 Case/32 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA9 Case/24 Box, Box/1 Roll
FRA10 Case/16 Box, Box/1 Roll