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Fan Tip Brushes, 9.52mm (0.375 inches) / Fr 29

Channel cleaning brushes that feature a fan tip that provides an extra level of protection and cleaning. Twisted stainless steel handles with nylon bristles embedded with an antimicrobial agent which prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast on the surface of the bristles. Brushes have loop ends. Not made with natural rubber latex.

9.52mm (0.375 inches) diameter. The equivalent French catheter size for this diameter is 29.

Catalogue Number Bristle Area Length Overall Length
BOWFT-12-375 50.8mm(2.0in) 30.5cm(12in)
BOWFT-18-375 76.2mm(3.0in) 45.7cm(18in)
BOWFT-24-375 76.2mm(3.0in) 61.0cm(24in)

Unit Measurement: 2/Pack