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Covidien Monoject™ SoftPack Regular Luer Tip Syringes

Catalogue Number: SHER1180300555

Sterile, single-use, individually packaged syringe without needle; polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, latex-free plunger tip; several available tip designs; graduated barrel markings.

  • Allows precise fluid measurements; graduations cannot be erased or altered
  • Smooth, precise plunger movement, virtually effortless
  • Allows for correct syringe selection based on procedural requirements
  • Allows clear and accurate viewing of medication
  • Reduced preparation time, cost savings, OSHA recognized
  • Produces a consistently sharp needle for more comfortable injections
  • Reduces needle shaft drag providing virtually pain-free injections
  • Assures greater compatibility with chemotherapeutic drugs and other specialized drugs
  • Assures cannula integrity
  • Allows monitoring of flashback indicating proper placement; provides easy identification of needle gauge
  • Convenient, individually packed inner cartons are ready to ship for distributors and makes it easy for clinicians to dispense contents
  • Insures patient safety against nosocomial infections

Size: 3 mL Syringe

Unit Measurement: Case/8 Box, Box/100 Each