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Covidien McGRATH® MAC Blade

Catalogue Number: KEND350-005-000

The McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope (EDL) is a device that combines the benefits of both direct laryngoscopy (DL) and video laryngoscopy (VL).

  • DL – familiar technique of a Macintosh direct laryngoscope
  • VL – video laryngoscope technology

Now a single — and surprisingly affordable — handheld device helps clinicians be prepared.

  • Easy to clean: The screen and handle are fully immersible for high-level disinfection, and compatible with the latest vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems.
  • Slim Blade: The slim blade profile provides improved patient access. Blades are packaged sterile and are disposable.
  • Portable: The compact, cable-free device is ready when you need it.
  • Durable: Drop-tested to 2 meters, the core of the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope is reinforced with a steel alloy chassis.
  • Cost-effective: The surprisingly affordable system and blades make the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope as accessible as your conventional laryngoscope, with the flexibility of video laryngoscopy.

Size: 3

Unit Measurement: Box/500 Each