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Covidien Magellan™ Insulin Safety Syringes, Permanent Needle

After years of development, the Magellan™ insulin safety syringe emerges as an integral needle-based safety solution that improves clinician efficiency and maximizes protection. The safety syringes features bold unobstructed graduations, bevel orientation, and a robust safety shield that provides unparalleled protection during and after disposal.

  • Single-handed safety activation minimizes technique change and in-servicing time
  • Fixed safety shield eliminates ability to remove safety device to increase OSHA compliance
  • Complete and robust needle coverage reduces risk of accidental needlestick injuries to clinicians, patients, and downstream workers
  • Bold unobstructed graduations ensure clinicians have superior visibility to medication doses
  • Bevel orientation minimizes change in technique; safety shield up, needle bevel up
  • Safety technology simplifies standardization to safety throughout your facility
  • Audible and tactile confirmation click confirms safety device has been activated for ultimate protection
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
SHER8881892910 1 mL, 29 G x 1/2″ (0.33 mm x 1.3 cm) Case/10 Box, Box/50 Each
SHER8881892950 1/2 mL, 29 G x 1/2″ (0.33 mm x 1.3 cm) Case/10 Box, Box/50 Each