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BSN Medical Tensoplast® Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandages

This porous elastic adhesive bandage is made from a high-quality extensible cloth, providing firm and controlled compression and strong support. The reliable adhesive keeps the bandage firmly adhered even throughout lengthy treatment. The yellow central line on the product permits accurate overlap during application.

  • Porous adhesive that allows skin to breathe
  • Firm reliable adhesive
  • Fluffy edges for comfort
  • Central yellow line for accurate overlap
Catalogue Number Size Unit Measurement
BSN7205039 5 cm x 4-5 m Box/12 Each
BSN7205040 7.5 cm x 4-5 m Box/12 Each
BSN7205038 10 cm x 4-5 m Box/12 Each
BSN7205037 5 cm x 4-5 m Box/12 Each
BSN7205043 7.5 cm x 4-5 m Case/12 Each
BSN7205042 10 cm x 4-5 m Case/12 Each