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BSN Medical JOBST® Sport Medical Compression Stockings, Knee High & Closed Toe

JOBST® Sport is specifically designed for athletic men and women who want to do their sports with a longwearing sock that is soft, lightweight and breathable. No matter the activity – walking, golf, tennis or when you’re on the go – JOBST® Sport is the right sock for your needs. Its graduated compression helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

Microfiber technology helps wick moisture away leaving your feet cool and dry. Activated Carbon fibres are integrated in JOBST® Sport with the unique odour control system that keeps your legs fresh.

Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
BSN7529020 Small, White/Grey, 20-30 mmHg Pair
BSN7529021 Medium, White/Grey, 20-30 mmHg Pair
BSN7529023 Extra Large, White/Grey, 20-30 mmHg Pair
BSN7529030 Small, Grey/Black, 20-30 mmHg Pair
BSN7529031 Medium, Grey/Black, 20-30 mmHg Pair
BSN7529033 Extra Large, Grey/Black,
20-30 mmHg