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BD Integra™ Retracting PrecisionGlide™ Retracting Needles

The BD Integra™ Syringe is the latest addition to the BD Safety Injection family. It features a retracting mechanism which allows for the device to activate immediately and completely shields the used needle, quickly eliminating the risk of exposure to a needlestick injury. The BD Integra™ Syringe is also the only retractable syringe on the market that features a detachable needle, which allows a clinician to select different needles for aspiration and administration of medication.

Catalogue Number Gauge Needle Unit Measurement
BD305310 25G 5/8″ 100/Box, 1000/Case
BD305311 25G 1″ 100/Box, 1000/Case
BD305312 23G 1″ 100/Box, 1000/Case
BD305313 22G 1 ½” 100/Box, 1000/Case