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BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ Shielded IV Catheter

BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ shielded IV catheters mean added safety for you. The patented BD Autoguard™ shielding technology is proven to effectively safeguard healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries. The unique BD notched needle in the 22 and 24 gauge sizes provides immediate confirmation of vessel entry along the safety IV catheter shaft. Made of BD Vialon™ biomaterial.

Catalogue Number Gauge Length Unit Measurement
BD381412 24G (0.7mm) 19mm (0.75″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381423 22G (0.9mm) 25mm (1″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381433 20G (1.1mm) 25mm (1″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381434 20G (1.1mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381437 20G (1.1mm) 48mm (1.88″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381844 18G (1.3mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381447 18G (1.3mm) 48mm (1.88″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381854 16G (1.7mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381457 16G (1.7mm) 45mm (1.77″) 50/Box, 200/Case
BD381467 14G (2.1mm) 45mm (1.75″) 50/Box, 200/Case