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BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC with Blood Control Technology

The BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC Shielded IV Catheter with Blood Control Technology promotes safety and performance by reducing the risk of blood exposure and providing other benefits.

Catalogue Number Gauge Length Unit Measurement
BD382512 24G (0.7mm) 19mm (0.75″) 50/Box
BD382523 22G (0.9mm) 25mm (1″) 50/Box
BD382533 20G (1.1mm) 25mm(1″) 50/Box
BD382534 20G (1.1mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box
BD382537 20G (1.1mm) 48mm(1.88″) 50/Box
BD382544 18G (1.3mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box
BD382547 18G (1.3mm) 48mm (1.88″) 50/Box
BD382554 16G (1.7mm) 30mm (1.16″) 50/Box
BD382557 16G (1.7mm) 45mm (1.77″) 50/Box