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BD Eclipse™ Needles

The BD Eclipse™ Needle with pivoting needle technology marks an addition to the growing family of BD safety injection products. With the introduction of this single-handed, needle-based safety injection device, BD now offers one technology for both injection and blood collection applications. The BD Eclipse™ Needle also features BD PrecisionGlide™ needle technology and a bevel-oriented needle that facilitates low angle injections.

Catalogue Number Gauge Needle
BD305758 27G (0.41mm) ½” (13mm)
BD305759 25G (0.51mm) 5/8″ (16mm)
BD305760 25G (0.51mm) 5/8″ (16mm)
BD305761 25G (0.51mm) 1″(25mm)
BD305762 23G (0.64mm) 1″ (25mm)
BD305763 22G(0.72mm) 1 ½”(38mm)
BD305764 21G (0.8mm) 1″(25mm)
BD305765 21G (0.8mm) 1 ½”(38mm)
BD305766 18G (1.3mm) 1 ½” (38mm)
BD305767 25G (0.51mm) 1 ½” (38mm)
BD305768 22G (0.71mm) 1″ (25mm)

Unit Measurement: 100/Box, 1200/Case