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BD Conventional Slip Tip Tuberculin Syringes/Needles

BD syringe-needle combinations feature a clear barrel with a bold scale. Disposable syringes with a luer slip tip or eccentric luer slip tip can be fitted with either a conventional needle or safety needle.

Catalogue Number Gauge Needle Unit Measurement
BD309623 27G (0.41mm) 13 mm (½”) 100/Box, 800/Case
BD309624 21G (0.81mm) 25 mm (1″) 100/Box, 800/Case
BD309625 26G (0.46mm) 10 mm (3/8″) 100/Box, 800/Case
BD309626 25G (0.51mm) 16 mm (5/8″) 100/Box, 800/Case