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Bard Medical StatLock® CV Plus Stabilization Device

Catalogue Number: BARDCV0226

StatLock® Stabilization Devices are a more effective alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies. The StatLock® CV Plus Stabilization Device is a “post and door” design to house the suture wings, along with a “pigtail” pad to retain and organize the catheter lumens.

The StatLock® CV/PICC Plus Stabilization Device in a dressing change kit offers the StatLock® CV Plus Stabilization Device with dressing change components which include a mask, blue nitrile gloves, ChloraPrep™ One-Step solution, measuring tape, transparent dressing, gauze, alcohol swab sticks, label, adhesive strips, and drape. Now it’s easier than ever to realize the clinical advantages of the StatLock® Stabilization Device with the ease of dressing change components in one package.


  • Crescent Tricot
  • Sliding Post
  • No Pigtail Retainer

Size: Adult

Unit Measurement: Case/25 Each