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Apogee Family of Intermittent Catheters – Straight, Long

Available in a range of sizes and styles, the Apogee Family of intermittent catheters helps you catheterize easily.

  • Non-lubricated
  • Smooth eyelets help provide trouble-free insertion
  • Straight and coudé tip options available
  • Enhanced grip of the flexible funnel helps promote easier handling. Guide notch indicates coudé tip position
  • Not made with natural rubber latex (except for red rubber latex catheters)
Catalogue Number Fr Size Description Unit Measurement
HOLL1007 6 38cm (15″) 30/Box
HOLL1018 8 40cm (16″) 30/Box
HOLL1034 10 40cm (16″) 30/Box
HOLL1048 12 40cm (16″) 30/Box
HOLLB1049 12 40cm (16″), Curved Pack 50/Box
HOLL1064 14 40cm (16″) 30/Box
HOLL1065 14 40cm (16″), Curved Pack 30/Box
HOLL1065 18 40cm (16″), Curved Pack 30/Box