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AMG Medical MedPro® Disposable Female Urinal

Catalogue Number: AMG762655

Standard female urinal. Practical to avoid lifting a patient that is at risk of further injury, onto a bedpan. Comfortable, soft surface, smooth and warm to the touch. Will not adhere to moist skin. Easy to handle. Will stay in place. Lightweight and easy to carry. Can be weighed for volume measurement.

Practical, hygienic and infection control friendly

  • Less risk of cross contamination – singe use vessels.
  • Can be used for many applications.
  • Soft surface, smooth and warm to the touch, for patient comfort.
  • Will not adhere to moist skin.
  • Easy to handle, easy to carry and light.
  • Easy to store.
  • Fluid resistance standard: PAS29:1999.
  • Resistance / impermeability testing up to 24 hours (water: 24 hours, phenol: 20 hours, alcohol: 80 minutes.)
  • Resistance temperature 35°C ± 3°C.
  • Molded pulp is made from virgin pulp or recycled paper and cardboard waste, rosin, and water.Non sterile bulk packaging (recyclable cardboard case).

Minimal impact on the environment:

  • Natural, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic (even when burnt), water proof, oil resistant, static free, shock absorbent, microwaveable.
  • Suitable for disposable in most macerators, if facilities are available.
  • Containers made of 100% recycled paper.

Size: 9.85″ x 4.33″ x 4.25″ (25 x 11 x 10.8 cm)

Maximum capacity: 900 ml

Unit Measurement: Case/120 Each