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1 mL BD Allergist Tray with Permanently Attached Needle

BD SafetyGlide™ allergy syringes offer the safety solution you are looking for.

Catalogue Number Gauge Length Type
BD305537 26G (0.46mm) 13mm (½”) Regular bevel
BD305538 26G (0.46mm) 13mm (½”) Intradermal bevel
BD305539 26G (0.46mm) 10mm (3/8″) Intradermal bevel
BD305540 27G (0.41mm) 13mm (½”) Regular bevel
BD305541 27G (0.41mm) 10mm (3/8″) Intradermal bevel
BD305542 27G (0.41mm) 10mm (3/8″) Regular bevel

Unit Measurement 25/Tray, 1000/Case